We bring projects to the next level.

Whether it be tuning an almost great vocal performance, editing drums, re-amping a weak guitar sound, or putting the professional final mix and master on your record.



Don’t have the time to sit there and meticulously edit your performances? We are here to help, we can edit anything to be as tight as you need it, or add some groove to your rushed drums.


We can take your pre-recorded direct input guitar signals and feed them through any combination of our collection of amps to achieve the exact tone you are looking for.


We can use any of the leading pitch correction tools to give you that performance you’re looking for.


We can paste any of our pre recorded drum samples to your already tracked drums. Using both the tracked drums as well as our samples, which have been recorded at the studio, it will breathe new life into previously tracked performances.



• Help with Arrangements & Compostions
• Streamline your songs
• Decide what songs go on the Record


From the very first hit of the song the very last harmony is tracked, someone has to have the creative vision for your project, maybe your looking for the seasoned help of one of our producers. Stop by our staff page and our discography to see what we have done in the past. You may notice some of your favorite records!


Take advantage of our gigantic live room! Drums, Piano, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Large Ensembles! All these things need a big room for a big sound. Also everything will be tracked through our custom console. Of course everything that you see on our equipment list is at your disposal, and even a few gems that we don’t list!


If you have tracked your entire record at another studio but it doesn’t sound quite right to you, maybe it doesn’t sound as big as you know it can? We can take all your session files and spin it up to that gigantic soundscape that you hear.


We will take notice to your records overall tone and dynamic range and provide balance and clarity as well as an overall continuity to your record.


Sometimes you need an outside perspective on achieving what you would like out of a song. All of our producers are available to help maximize a songs potential both dynamically and sonically, in order to make it the best it can be.